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Destination Club


Experience a higher level of private aviation’s luxury, thrill and convenience.

Membership Options

There are two simple ways to join the Destination Club:

Exclusive Co-ownership

Don’t let the burden of ownership fall entirely on you. As a member via co-ownership, you’ll have exclusive access to your personal jet with up to five other co-owners. Fly on your own terms and secure a promising ROI while you soar.
Elevated Chartering
Partake in the exciting lifestyle of private jet travel without capital investment. Reserve exclusive access to a jet of your choice from our fleet and fly with Paradise in your corner.

Why Destination Club?

When you stack it all up, it’s a simple solution: the Destination Club is a cut above the competition. After your initial investment, co-ownership with Paradise Jets is a benefit-ripe experience unlike any other. Sit back, relax and soar to greatness.

You’ll Get

Paradise has its perks. Your Destination Club membership gains you exclusive access to an array of benefits enjoyed by a privileged few, including:
  • Private Experience Events
  • Access to charter aircraft
  • Access to co-owned aircraft
  • Private vacation rentals
  • Private yacht rentals
  • Full concierge services
  • Signature events
  • Access to lifestyle brands
  • And more…


  • Go-in on a jet with ease and an expert guide
  • Boost your bank account with a promising annual ROI
  • Keep money in your pocket with no monthly fees
  • Own your exclusive days, revenue and all

Block Chartering

  • Fly exclusively with reserved access
  • Choose your jet from our unique fleet
  • Bask in industry-leading flexibility for schedules, destinations and more
  • Soar with savings beyond common charter programs

Be an Investor

As an Investor, you’ll work closely with Paradise Jets to find, secure and pay for a private jet. Your capital helps us secure the jet, while we pay for fixed expenditures like crews, insurance, hangars and more. Once the jet is secure, we’ll help you track down up to six Co-owners to purchase shares of the jet, enter the paradise club, and provide you with a quick ROI.

And if you’re interested in being a part of that ownership, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a share (or two) yourself.

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