A Well-Maintained Aircraft is a Reliable Aircraft

The appeal of owning a private aircraft is undeniable. But appeal alone won’t keep your jet airworthy. A comprehensive aircraft maintenance program is essential to keeping everything working efficiently and safely. Whether you’re new to aircraft ownership or are looking for a new way to maintain your jet, our aviation consultants can develop a plan for you.

At Paradise Jets, we work alongside you to get a clear picture of your needs, any legal requirements you need to follow, and your budget. Together, we produce an aircraft utilization strategy that keeps your aircraft in peak condition.


Maintenance Programs Tailor-Made For You and Your Private Jet

No two private jet owners fly the same way, meaning that when it comes to aircraft maintenance programs, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. That’s why our team of aviation consultants and experts develop custom protocols for our clients that keep their private aircraft in pristine, flight-ready condition.

From extending the service life of your existing aircraft to developing a long-term program for your new private jet, we use decades of industry expertise and a detailed understanding of best practices to keep your aircraft in “like new” condition. After all, the speed of travel your jet offers you is only useful as long as you get there safely.

Don’t cut corners in your aircraft maintenance program anymore. Let our team manage these processes for you and optimize them! Reach out to Paradise Jets today to get started.

More than just an aviation consulting firm, Paradise Jets has aircraft maintenance plans to suit your needs.


We conduct thorough maintenance and safety audits.

Our team audits and assesses providers and makes recommendations.

We ensure your maintenance crew is following best practices.

We develop a detailed budget for present and future needs.