As a full-service firm with a detailed background in both the aviation industry and the field of law, we have what it takes to assist you.

What sets our work apart?

  • We are a team of attorneys, CPAs, and professionals working for you.
  • We make use of our aggressive procurement and marketing plans.
  • We develop detailed crew and maintenance budgets.
  • We navigate tax guidance and shelters.
  • We take advantage of leasing and fractional ownership options.

From surface-level details like cabin size and luggage capacity to fine details like using the right broker and finding the right tax options, our team of aviation advisors are here for you.


Why Invest In Private Flight?

Acquiring the right private aircraft for your company’s travel needs can be a difficult process if you’re new to the private aviation market. If you’re looking to lease or purchase a private jet outright, our aviation consultants can help assess your company’s travel needs and desires to hunt down the right models for your specific needs and budget. We’ve been in the aviation sales business for decades, so we know the market and where and how to look for the perfect aircraft at the right price. We evaluate maintenance and crew logs, storage information and all the other details and present you with the information you need to make smart, data-driven choices.


Private Aircraft Partnership

Private aviation is a smart, efficient way to travel, and private aircraft partnerships are a smart way to get more aircraft for your money. Entering into an aircraft partnership with another business or high-net worth individual is a savvy investment because it increases your purchasing power on the market and splits the responsibility for maintenance and storage costs amongst multiple parties. However, without you risk getting the short end of the stick when it comes to use of the aircraft if you don’t have an experienced team behind you during negotiations.

Paradise Jets is your perfect partner in aircraft partnership negotiations. Our team has extensive experience in private aviation and the legal arena, making us uniquely equipped to handle the nuances and minutiae of the partnership negotiation to ensure all parties get an equitable share of the aircraft and share all related costs and responsibilities equitably.